Developed in Norway, in the late 80’s, borne from the love of Kayaking and the need for better protection.

Stronger, lighter, better is the Sweet mantra that’s been with them since day one.  Designed by action led sport enthusiasts and their relentless drive to achieve higher performing design and materials, that is truly reflected in todays distinctive design and attitude. 

From kayaking, to snowboarding and finally entering the bike market in 2011, Sweet Protection has never looked back from with its award winning Bushwacker helmet.  The Sweet gang continues to push revolutionary products into the market and MIPS, with their revolutionary rotational gravity impact technology, becomes an important strategic partner for Sweet making their helmets even safer. 

Further projects that see Sweet continue to evolve is their clothing and eyewear range,  which continues along the same technological evolution as the helmets.

The future is bright for Sweet, and their motivation to make the best protection in the world is as strong as ever. 


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Set the trails on fire in full confidence. As trail riding and bikes evolve, so should the performance of your helmet. June 2021: The Trailblazer Mips helmet has earned Virginia Tech’s best rating (5 STARS) in their Bicycle Helmet Ratings program with the best helmet of any helmet they have ever tested.

Settling a long-time dilemma between downhill and trail biking with this new convertible full-face helmet.

The Falconer Aero helmet is inspired by the aerodynamic properties of the peregrine falcon, the fastest member of the animal kingdom. That’s why it’s the chosen helmet of the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team, the very first UCI Pro Team from Norway. This model is equipped with Mips, a technology that reduces rotational forces on the brain

The Ronin sport performance sunglasses are especially designed for high-intensity sport activities, but you can also wear these in confidence for everyday use. *This specific model comes with our unique proprietary lens technology; RIG®.

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