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Magura brakes, founded in Germany in 1893.

Originally founded as a manufacturer in suspension forks and brakes for motorcycles.
In 1987 then introduced themselves to the world of mountain biking with the first hydraulic rim brake, and started producing disc brakes in the late 90’s which originated from a scaled down version of the motorcycle brakes.
The concept has never stopped evolving with a huge range of braking systems to meet your style of riding, and the unbeatable (in our opinion) MT7 Pro. Utilised in downhill and enduro racing, or for really great braking on fast trail rides. The power, reliability and modulation is constant. 
Consequently many riders now choose this system, Danny Macaskill, Fabio Weibmer, Loic Bruni, Elisabeth Brand and Danny Hart.  Also first choice for race teams Cube Factory and CST Postnl Bafang Mountainbike.

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Designed for urban and lightweight MTB use.


Don’t listen to the nay sayers – listen to Danny! 

MAGURA Raceline x Bart Brentjens – From 1994 till now!


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