Ebike specific skills coaching courses in the Peak District which aim to improve your technical skill and bike handling. 

We design all the courses to build confidence and bike control through progressive teaching methods, whatever your ability.

So whether you are new to ebiking and want to grasp the basics, an intermediate rider wanting brush up on the fundamental skills to take your riding to the next level, Or you’re an experienced advanced rider who wants to improve specific aspects of their riding to get the most out of an ebike for fun or for improving race results, then have a look at our open and private courses below.

‘Bring your own ebike or hire one of ours.’

True North Adventures have been involved with ebiking for a while, from setting up the first Peak District ebike guiding company through to working with Lapierre and Haibike in testing and demonstrating bikes at large events. Our guides and instructors have been using and racing ebikes in the UK and abroad with great results for a number of years.

We also use ebikes ourselves to great effect to improve and maintain our own riding skills that is directly transferable to traditional mountain biking and racing. We’ve found that bike control and technique is improved from riding an ebike as all body movements and inputs have be over emphasised due to the added weight and the centre of gravity. The specific skills and technique required takes a little more practice but our specific courses are dedicated to the ebike. 

Which ever you look at it, whats not to love about them, blast up the trail only to get more runs in on the descents or travel further to explore new trails with less effort, its just amazing fun.

We operate from a number of locations but in addition we have developed our own private trails and skills area with a number of dedicated features (enduro trail with varying size berms, corners, shutes, rock gardens, roots and ruts, drop offs, jumps and series of table tops), allowing us to focus on specific techniques allowing you to confidently get the most from your ebike on the technical sections and downhills too. Whether it’s carrying more speed through corners, hitting jumps and drops or improving your flow on technical trails we can help you.

We use portable training aparatus like manual machines and coaching ramps to allow progression in a controlled envirnoment which allows effective coaching repetition combined with slow motion technology also aids a clear understanding and insight into your riding so you can visually identify where you’ve got it nailed or where you might need some improvement.

Our range of ebike courses suit riders of all abilities.  Those new to mountain biking through to experienced riders wanting to develop their e-bike specific skills weather it be for fun or for advanced riders looking to improve their technique, speed and performance for riding with their mates or the ever developing e-bike racing scene.

Whether you’re looking to get into ebiking or get the best out of your own ebike then we work with you to give you the confidence to get the most from your E-MTB in a variety of ways.

From our years of e-bike experience through racing at high level at EWS-E and gravity enduro racing we understand the specific principles and requirements for riding e-bikes so our course are developed with these techniques in mind. They just simple do not ride like an analogue (thats slang for normal pedal) bike so why use the same coaching principles as a normal bike.

We utilise many skills and techniques to help you understand and learn the fundamentals, below are just some of these…

  • Ebike set up, including tyre choice, correct pressures, functionality of the controls and suspension set-up
  • Understanding all the modes and how to use the gearing appropriately
  • Utilising modes efficiently to increase battery life and improve power delivery through pedalling efficiency 
  • How body positioning and weight transfer is so important when handling the extra weight, controlling speed and adopting flow on a trail to bring out speed and minimise risk of it going wrong. 
  • Using features on a trail to aid grip and control
  • Why wheelies and manuals aren’t just for showboating
  • How to control traction, especially on technical climbs and understanding the dynamics of body, feet and head positioning in all aspects of riding
  • Improving overall bike handling and skill through both physical and mental training approach in a structured format


Introduction to eBikes - ES01

£90 per person

Course Grading

beginner grading

Ebike Fundimentals - ES2

£90 per person

Course Grading

Ebike Race Ready - ES3

£90 per person

Course Grading

Private Skills Course - PS1

From £100 per person

Course Grading

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