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Fantic began as a motorcycle company in 1968 and is based in Italy. They have a racing heritage with world champion trials riders. Their e-bike line utilises sporty Brose drive systems with well balanced and integrated battery solutions with up to 720w/h. They offer both urban and off-road products but have a much larger off-road sport selection.

This premium e-bike brand, determined to enhance their customers’ experience in the most sustainable way. Their focus is on un-compromised design & technology.

At Fantic there is no room for sidesteps, excuses or compromises. We are all-in, devoted to our mission, guiding our industry towards a new era.


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All Mountain XMF Carbon

The ALL MOUNTAIN segment is characterized by its 360° riding. Uphill, downhill, trails, in all conditions: terrain, stones, roots, drops and mud. Slopes are hard.

The Ebikes have the following main features:

  • Full suspended with 170 mm travel
  • Versatility
  • Agility
  • Riding also in Bike Parks

FANTIC has created a range of 3 models, with 3 size (S-M-L), 1 with up-date aluminium frames and 2 with the CARBON FRAME. All models are equipped with the new integrated 720 Wh Battery and the Brose S-Mag motor.

The ALL MOUNTAIN family range are:

  • XMF 1.7 SPORT (with up-date Aluminium frame)
  • XMF 1.7 CARBON

Fantic Trial XTF

The TRAIL segment is characterized by alpine trails/wooded hills, usually on dirt road or with a moderate presence of extremely hard surface or important roots, with slopes that are not too extreme.

The Ebikes have the following main features:

  • Full suspended with 150 mm travel
  • Pedalability
  • Smoothness
  • Lightness

FANTIC has created a complete range of 6 models, 2 with aluminium frames and 4 with the NEW CARBON FRAME and the New 720 Wh Battery integreted, for all types of riders who want to experience unique emotions and performance.

The TRAIL models with ALUMINIUM frame are:

  • XTF 1.5
  • XTF 1.5 RACE

The TRAIL models with CARBON frame in 4 size (S-M-L-XL) are:

  • XTF 1.5 CARBON
  • XTF 1.5 SPORT
  • XTF 1.5 RACE

Fantic Downhill XX

The DH segment stands out for its “Extreme” riding, with downhill trails with a few extreme turns, trails in extreme conditions, only for expert riders: very rough or dug-out bottoms, presence of even large stones, roots, jumps. The downhill slopes are very demanding, extreme.

For those looking for pure adrenaline without compromise, the Down Hill (XXF) segment has arrived, with INTEGRA XXF 2.0, an authentic DH “machine”, a full 200mm, in 2 versions, RACE or FACTORY.

The bikes have the following main features:

– Full suspended with 200 mm travel, triple crown forks
– Recommended for adrenaline and DH riders.

The models are designed with an new aluminium frame geometries, dedicated to DH, with a 720 Wh battery and the Brose S-Mag motor, for strong emotions and unforgettable performances.

The DH family range are:

  • XXF 2.0 RACE
  • XXF 2.0 FACTORY 
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