Developed in Stuttgart, Germany Focus just love their bikes – and build them their way.

Whether you’re heading off on the world’s longest bike race, into snowstorms up in the mountains or into unknown territory on a tour of discovery – the world is waiting and adventure is calling. What counts is the experience. Welcome to the world of FOCUS bikes.

Multiple technologies optimised for riding dynamics, F.O.L.D, divides suspension travel into two phases, absorbing the smallest of bumps and dips, producing extra traction. Secondly the curve is progressive in order to offer sufficient control even with stronger impacts, as well as preventing rim damage.

CIA technology from years of frame analyses optimising key comfort points. The Flip Chip on the e-bikes means you are not restricting to one wheel size, with two positions for the axle at drop out, so you can ride 27.5/29” or mullet. The forks also take both tyre dimensions.



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No obstacle is too great: the FOCUS SAM is built for alpine use and challenging trails. A modern, aggressive geometry, 170 mm suspension travel with progressive FOCUS F.O.L.D. kinematics and agile 27.5″ wheels make your enduro heart beat faster. In bike parks and at Enduro races.


Conquers new mountains: the FOCUS JAM² is all-out fun on the trail. Supported by the Bosch Performance CX (Gen.4) e-drive with 625 Wh or the Shimano e-drive, you can ride more trails at the same time. The perfectly tuned 150 mm F.O.L.D. chassis and a super agile geometry makes your heart race time and time again. You also have the choice between 29″ and 27+ tyres or a mix of 29″ at the front and 27+ at the back. More mountains, more trails, more experiences.

Encourages you to escape from your everyday life: the FOCUS JARIFA² encourages long rides thanks to the powerful Bosch Performance CX (Gen. 4) e-drive with up to 1125 Wh. The integrated battery can be removed for charging. 100 mm suspension fork, mountain bike geometry and 29″ wheels guarantee a lot of fun on all terrains. Smaller riders have also been considered: in sizes XS and S, the JARIFA² is also available with 27.5″ wheels. For those wanting to take more luggage on the ride with them, a rack can be retrofitted easily thanks to the mounting option on the frame. Mudguards, light and stand can also be fitted easily. For adventures off the beaten track.

Awakens your inner explorer: the FOCUS AVENTURA² with powerful Bosch Performance CX (Gen.4) e-drive offers a peak range of 1125 Wh (with a second battery). The battery is elegantly integrated into the down tube, yet it can be removed for charging. With rack, mudguards, stand and light, the world is your oyster and thanks to 100 mm suspension forks and mountain bike tyres, it goes far beyond the city limits.

More than just trails: The FOCUS THRON² offers maximum versatility. With 130 mm F.O.L.D. suspension travel and 29″ wheels, the THRON² is right at home on the trail and thanks to the Bosch Performance CX (Gen. 4) e-drive with up to 625 Wh, gets much more out of every ride. The integrated battery can be removed for charging. What makes the THRON² particularly versatile: the retrofit options for rack, mudguards, stand and lights on this genuine trail touring bike open up new possibilities for you, from bike packing to commuting. The THRON² EQP models are already fully equipped as standard.

Provides support just when you need it: the FOCUS PARALANE² always gives you an extra push when you need support. The Fazua Evation motor/battery unit supports you up to 25 km/h, but then fully uncouples so that you have no pedal resistance when the motor is not working. You can also remove the e-drive and replace it with a light cover if you want to go on a whole ride without any support. Whichever you choose – with the PARALANE², you have a light and agile road bike for tarmac and gravel thanks to a tyre clearance of up to 35 mm. Fast like a road bike, strong like an e-bike.

With its combination of light weight and perfect geometry, the RAVEN² is the first E-racing hardtail bike. Records are often broken in spontaneous bursts of rivalry. With the lightweight carbon hardtail, you’re now even faster and ready to meet any challenge.

Unbelievable acceleration: the FOCUS RAVEN rides nimbly, rigidly and yet comfortably. Tested under the harshest conditions in the World Cup, this carbon hardtail provides true pro equipment for your racing and rides.

More than just the fastest: the FOCUS IZALCO MAX combines all the advantages of a road bike in one frame. The perfect mixture of aerodynamics, low weight and comfort gives you much more out of every ride – and with style. IZALCO MAX applies your power directly to the road.

No obstacle is too great: the FOCUS SAM is built for alpine use and challenging trails. A modern, aggressive geometry, 170 mm suspension travel with progressive FOCUS F.O.L.D. kinematics and agile 27.5″ wheels make your enduro heart beat faster. In bike parks and at Enduro races.

n spite of adverse conditions: the FOCUS MARES is extremely robust and is optimised for difficult conditions. Whether you encounter rain, snow, mud or loose ground, you can rely on the MARES. It has been the cyclo-cross reference for 25 years – continuously developed and topped off with great successes. Perfect for cyclo-cross races.

Takes you further: The FOCUS PARALANE road bike has a tyre clearance of up to 35 mm and therefore enough space for wide-profile tyres for discovering new paths off the asphalt, too. The PARALANE offers a huge amount of comfort, even on long road bike rides. Disc brakes ensure safe braking in all weather conditions. Narrow, attractive mudguards protect against dirt and spray. Of course, the matching mudguards are included as standard and can be mounted quickly and easily. A road bike for all eventualities.

This bike is made to lose: ATLAS Who would build a bike “made to lose” you might ask. What sounds absurd, can make a lot of sense. When appointments and smartphones have control over daily life, it is important more than ever to find moments to escape. To celebrate small things, commuting through the park to get to work or going on a short weekend trip with friends into nature. We have built a bike that will accompany your escape. The ATLAS is our first gravel bike. It is our all-round bike, which is not made to bring you on top as the fastest, but it will handle everything on the way to get there. It is like a reliable good old friend, with a big pinch of gravel pleasure. Tyres with up to 47mm, fender and rack mounts, upright comfortable geometry paired with nicely integrated cables are a solid base for a do-it-all-bike. No need to mention, all bikes will roll out with hydraulic disc brakes only.

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