Mondraker, based in Alicante, Spain are a performance focused and innovative mountain bike brand.

Established in 2001 they think outside the box, design and manufacture the bikes with a distinctive look and proprietary technologies such as Zero Suspension System, Stealth Carbon and Stealth Aluminium construction and unique, original and award winning Forward Geometry. From the groundbreaking Podium Carbon XC race bike, to the World Cup winning Summum Carbon downhill race bike they make exceptional bicycles with incredible world-class performance that live up to its hype.

Mondraker have invested time into their geometry and understanding how this transfers onto the trails. The front centre is longer which increases stability, and feels much more planted, giving greater confidence at high speeds and prevents ‘over the bars’ on the steeper and more technical trails. Also allowing the uphills to become easier, the planted feeling prevents as many unwanted front wheel lifts.

Their suspension system, Zero, is one of the most progressive rear shocks available and adds to the stable ride when pedalling. Zero power loss and greater pedal efficiency, Zero pedal kickback-minimum chain growth throughout the suspension travel, Zero brake jack – isolated braking and suspension forces – and what we call Zero bumps, its great ability to soak up any type of bump keeping the rear wheel efficiently planted on the ground.



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Mondraker - Mind Suspension Telemetry

The latest technological innovation from Mondraker is ground breaking and game changing! Mondraker bikes to come with an integrated telemetry system as standard equipment facilitating perfect suspension set-up and much more! MIND is a combination of lightweight integrated telemetry sensors built into the suspension on the 2021 Foxy Carbon and 2021 Crafty Carbon models which allows you to set your fork and shock up perfectly. The system comes complete with GPS and SIM card connectivity, as well as Bluetooth to connect it to the myMondraker app available for your smartphone (free of charge for both Android and iOS). This allows you to record a huge amount of data about suspension travel and performance and thus achieve a perfect set up, easily and reliably, based on real data and not guesswork. Learn more about what MIND can do for you.

20 Years of Mondraker

Mondraker is celebrating 20 years since its inception. Two decades of passion, of hard work, of desire. Of innovation, breakthroughs, frustration, determination, resolve and ultimately, pride. Their relentless drive comes from an unquenchable thirst to design the best handling mountain bikes possible; to develop bikes without compromise; to make bikes that make the difference. Bikes that win. Learn more about our 20 years of history.


Mondraker Crafty R E-Bike Garburn Pass and Nan Bield Live Ride Review

We’ve known GuyKesTV through racing for a few years now and respected his bike reviews and tests. He recently took out a Mondraker Crafty R on a proper mountain adventure over Garburn Pass, Stile End and Nan Bield in the Lake District. See what he thought.

EMBN review of the future of suspension

Stevefrom EMBN takes a look at the latest high tech E Bike from Mondraker on the show this week; the 2022 Crafty XR features Ohlins suspension with built in MIND suspension telemetry, will we see similar systems on more E Mountain Bikes in the future?

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