After years of experience looking after our own bikes for racing and riding we have seen it all.  

No matter what the problem our experienced and qualified mechanics can help you if your bike needs an upgrade or just needs some TLC then bring it down and we can quickly turn it around for you.

We hold a good stock of various bike parts with a large network of trusted distributors to order in the parts you need for all disciplines.

Obviously everyone is aware of the issues at the moment in getting certain parts so we will give you honest feedback on timescales of certain parts if we don’t have them in stock and try and work around this if possible; It’s a hard time for everyone.

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E-Bike Service Supplement +£40 (S1-S5)

  • Includes:
    Check motor bolts, check all wiring and terminals, non physical check on motor bearings and bushes.
    Diagnose/update software if required.

Service extras and itemised repairs

During servicing we may find individual items that will need repair and will advise of any additional works that we believe need undertaking.  The costs below are labour only, and do not include parts (parts vary in price, dependant on each bike). 

We’ll always try and make this as cost effective as possible, so if its cheaper to up your service to the next level where it includes these repairs we will, or we’ll charge them individually as below.

Its always nice to get straight to work on your bike, so please make sure your bike is clean before bringing it to us.  We are unable to work on dirty bikes, so if you haven’t had time to clean prior to the service, we can do for you at a charge of £15

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2021 Bikes coming soon

We are still waiting to add certain 2021 bikes to our web-site. If there are any bikes you are interested in specifically that we are not showing please fill out details below and we'll get back to you