Before mountain biking was even considered an industry, Yeti were at the heart of producing no frills bikes with cutting edge race specific designs. Since 1985 Yeti have developed one of the most widely recognised brands in mountain bike history.

Racers became the backbone of Yeti, The knowledge gained from R&D testing on the track led to invaluable knowledge in materials, frame geometry and suspension designs.

Switch infinity utilises a patented translating pivot that switches directions as the bike moves through its travel (anti squat), providing superior pedalling performance. Further into the travel, the anti squat drops off to allow the Fox racing shock to perform as intended, providing excellent mid stroke and bottomless feel.

Not forgetting the Turq series bikes, made from the highest quality carbon fibre, a perfect balance of stiffness and compliance.

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YETI 2021 Highlights

Check out the full 2021 range brought to you by Yeti.

YETI SB100 Dream Build

Gee’s words not ours!!!

We are back at True North Adventures for the first time in a long time! Building up a totally unique and custom Yeti SB100 protected with Inivisiframe kit alongside full Shimano XTR drivetrain, super lightweight DT Swiss suspension alongside DT Swiss carbon wheels finished off with Pirelli’s finest XC race tyres to create a incredibly lightweight and capable XC/trail weapon.


In this video we worked with Gee to put together this amazing dream build with an awesome collaboration with Aston Martin Cambridge.

Filmed locally with some amazing scenery in the Peak District. See our bike build, some local riding and a grand day out in the Vantage V8.

Switch Infinity

SWITCH INFINITY is a Yeti Cycles patented design that allows unprecedented control of suspension kinematics. The end result — an extremely efficient pedaling platform without compromising small bump compliance. Point it down and the suspension switches to controlled and bottomless. FOX know-how makes the system bombproof and low maintenance.


t’s time to recalibrate your gray matter with what’s happening in racing today. The SB115 embodies the attitude and trail prowess you’ve come to expect from our short travel race rigs. Outfitted with an all new upper link for 115mm of rear travel that works harder on the descents — you’ll be surprised with who you can catch.


YETI Bike Cleaning

In this edition of Tech Tips, Yeti Polar Bear walks us through his order of operations when washing the Yeti / FOX Factory Team bikes.


Meet the SB140. It already knows your skills. How to hone them. Add to them. And fun the eff out of them. Try it. Land it. Or just stay at it. The undisputed champion of up to no good. Boost confidence as you boost everything. The mayor of jibtown, proudly wearing the rip crown. This bike is down to fun.


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2021 Bikes coming soon

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