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Bosch Software Update

Bosch Performance Line CX motors - new tour+ mode


Sporty riding on a trekking bike or eMTB: The Tour+ mode of the Bosch Performance Line CX in combination with eMTB mode always focuses on riding enjoyment.

This is what your customers can look forward to with Tour+ mode

  • Automatic switching between Eco and Turbo
    Tour+ responds to the biker’s power input, provides the right amount of support and switches continuously and dynamically between Eco and Turbo riding modes. 
  • Energy-saving riding style
    Tour+ rewards slightly increased power input with greater energy efficiency: More power on the pedal – stronger support from the drive unit. Less power input on straight stretches – less support from the motor. The battery therefore remains charged for longer, prolonging riding enjoyment.

Customer service: Loading Tour+ mode using the DiagnosticTool

This mode is compatible with all Performance Line CX drive units from 2020 onward. It is only available in combination with the eMTB with 85Nm and the application for derailleur systems. 

You can also retrofit model year 20 and 21 motors with this mode if this setting is not configured by your bike manufacturer.

Display in the DiagnosticTool
In DiagnosticTool the mode is displayed as “Tour+” or “eMTBTourPlus”. It can only be selected together with “85Nm eMTB” mode.

Information on the display
For engines up to model year 21, the display always shows “Tour” as the support mode. The “Tour+” designation can only be displayed in the diagnostic tool. 


Bosch Performance Line CX motor update
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