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True North at Bike & Boot Conditions



We, True North Adventures Limited (registered company number 15381513, registered address @ Bike & Boot Inns, Hope Road, Hope Valley, S33 0A) herein referred to as True North.

You, the hirer, and all individuals you are making the booking on behalf of, are about to take part in a high-risk activity.  You will minimise the risk by following the safety rules and advice in the MTB Code of Conduct (included within our waiver).  If you don’t follow the safety rules and advise you could have a serious accident, which could be fatal.

Wherever used herein, the term “bike” shall refer to both bikes and ebikes, and include any items hired (including items free of charge) from True North. 

Our hire bikes are assessed by a qualified mechanic prior to each hire period, but please make sure you follow the MTB Checklist (included within our waiver) before you head out for your own safety, and assess your bike before and regularly during your ride.

 True North and employees are not responsible for personal injuries, property damage or loss incurred by any person, arising out of the act of negligence or any other person rendering any of the services or products being offered in these rentals.  Nor shall True North be responsible for any injuries, death, damage, loss or delay in any event beyond the actual control of True North.

Hirers follow any suggested routes at their own risk and agree not to hold True North or employees responsible for injury or death resulting from accidents. 

HELMETS are mandatory, a free helmet is offered with every hire bike, if you have your own, and so long as it exceeds the required British Standard, you are welcome to use that. You must always wear either your own or hired helmet whilst riding a hire bike.

The bicycles provided for use are in satisfactory operating condition and participants agree to use them at their own risk, any deficiencies must be brought to the attention of a company representative of True North at the earliest opportunity. 

Individual bikes, bike specifications and bike sizes are subject to change based on availability of replacements. 

The hirer and all parties associated must ride with due care and attention, and adhere the rules of the road outlined in the Highway Code.  All parties must be able to ride a bike safely, and True North reserves the right to make a judgement of the riders capacity in all cases, including those of unsafe, inappropriate riding. 


Bike Hire & Booking Information


·       Bike hire is for a period of 1 full day, The rental period per day is from 09:30 – 16:00.   Bikes can be collected from 09:30 onwards, but must be returned by 16:00 to allow for cleaning, safety checks and charge for the following day.  Late hire will be charged at £15.00 per 15 minutes.

·       Multiple days can be booked, but the ebike must be returned to the True North Hub before closing each day for charging and safe storage.  We do. Not permit our bikes to be stored in the hotels cycle store, guests’ rooms or cars.

·       The booking form must be completed by a hirer aged 18 years or over, and valid phot ID (passport, driving licence etc ) will be required.  Any children over the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  It is illegal under UK Law for any children under the age of 14 to ride an ebike on or off road, we will be unable to hire ebikes to any children under this age.  No refunds will be provided where hire is refused on the day due to age restrictions.

·       Payment of the hire is to be made at the time of booking, via card.  This will secure your booking.  Your card details will be held on file as a loss or damage deposit. 

·       Each hirer must agree to our waiver agreement, that confirms they are physically and mentally capable of riding the hire bike.  The waiver agreement will be sent at the time of booking and electronically signed.  The lead hirer (making the booking) will be responsible to ensure each participant has read and understood the form.  We advise printing a copy and refreshing all parties again on the day of hire.  

·       The hire and start of the ride must begin from our Hub, we do not permit bikes to be loaded into vehicles to be ridden elsewhere.

·       Please ensure you take time to familiarise yourself with all the safety information provided.  Please pay particular attention to the information with regards to access and egress from the Hub to your cycle route, Hope Road is an extremely busy road with high volumes of traffic.  Whilst there are cycle lanes in place on the road you need to be extra cautious.   True North cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries to any parties on the public road.

·       Ebike Power modes.  To maximise your riding experience, we strongly recommend keeping the ebike riding modes in ECO and TRAIL (which are more than acceptable modes for the terrain).  We only recommend occasionally using TURBO when the trail becomes extremely steep, as this will preserve your battery life and prevent you running out of power whilst out on the trails.  Take it from us, it’s no fun pedalling an ebike back to the Hub with no power.   Also, if you are hiring kids ebikes, please be aware the Wh are considerably different and their range will not have the capacity of the adult bikes. 

·       Bookings made via True North Adventures (website/telephone/email or kiosk) for accommodation at Bike & Boot, Hope Valley are subject to the terms and conditions stipulated by Bike and Boot.  We are happy to make the booking on your behalf, but their terms for accommodation will apply.



·       Cycling involves inherent risks which may lead to injury to your persons. The hirer assumes all liability for personal injury and loss from the moment the rental period begins.  This includes responsibility for children under the age of 18.


·       True North does not provide cover, and cannot accept any liability for potential liability to named hirers/renters or third parties (i.e. damage caused to others or their property), should injury occur.


Damage, Theft and Loss 


·       Excessively aggressive and negligent riding can lead to the breakages of bikes, damage to frame, forks, shock, wheels and other parts, especially on ebikes where an element of mechanical sympathy is required, especially changing gear under torque.  True North the right to attribute breakages to negligence on the hirers part. The cost of any repairs will equate to the retail cost of the parts, plus the addition of labour fees at the discretion of True North. The hirer is liable even in the case of another party being at fault.

·       Hirers will not be liable for standard wear and tear. Such wear and tear includes, punctures, broken chains, tyre and brake pad wear.

  • The hirer agrees to return the bike to True North staff. Failure to not return the hired bike, will be considered theft, True North is entitled to recover the full retail value of the bike from the hirer. 

·       The security of the bike is the responsibility of the hirer as soon as the rental period has begun, and therefore the hirer is liable for any theft, loss or damage. True North has no obligation to supply the bike(s) with a lock(s). True North hire agreement is based on no bike(s) being left unattended whether they are locked up or not.  


·       Should theft occur while the hirer has custody of the bike, a formal Police Report must be lodged at the earliest possible time. True North must immediately be supplied with the report for insurance reasons. 




·       In the event of cancellations, True North has no obligation to provide a refund. True North will give the opportunity to transfer the booking to another date where applicable. 


·       In the event of an early return of the bike for any reason (force majeure, battery usage or otherwise), True North has no obligation to give a refund, in full or in part. 


Termination of Contract


·       True North are entitled to terminate the contract and seize the bicycle if the hirer does not adhere to one or more of the obligations.

·       Should True North be entitled to seize the bike(s), the hirer must offer full cooperation. True North is not liable for any damage caused by dissolution of the contract.



Terms & Conditions
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