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Mondrakers new headquarters!

Whoever was the concept architect behind this building, we would like to shake your hand, inspired by the structure of a wheel.   Mondrakers new headquarters are simply AMAZING! 

When this much thought is put into their offices, you can start to understand the ethos of the brand and the quality of their bikes. 

Based in Elche, Spain

Mondrakers growth has rapidly increased over the last few years, resulting in the need for the new facility, what they are calling “out of the ordinary”. 

Allowing the R&D, engineering and design team to work closely together has created some of the best Mondraker models you’ve seen to date.  Leading quickly onto production, where the space has allowed all bikes to be built together, which allows them to massively increase the production figures, which is a huge commitment in any day and age, let alone with the current issues the bike industry faces.   

The theory of evolution is an example of the prevailing theory about where people come from.  Mondraker have invested in the creation their people and in turn their product, with these facilities.  Creating a work environment of teamwork, performance and flow between all departments – just like their bikes!  

For everyone.

Offering large indoor and outdoors spaces, its Mondrakers intention to exhibit the different collection of Mondraker products, host sales events and test ride their latest models.  Our hands will be firmly up and waving for this.

Heres to 2022 and the future

The new facility clearly echoes Mondrakers brand image, minimalist and avant-garde design, which can be seen in every detail on their 2022 bike range  Click link or see below for more details.

The future is definitely Mondraker!

Mondraker go big with their new headquarters
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