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The new Mondraker Dusty!

Introducing the e-Gravel bike

Mondraker Dusty
Mondraker Dusty 2
Mondraker Dusty 3
Mondraker Dusty 4
 e-GRAVEL according to Mondraker

The international popularity of gravel bikes has shown unstoppable growing in recent years. That fact led Mondraker to seriously consider how they could contribute their own vision, design and technology to the manufacture of an e-Gravel bike that would meet the requirements and needs of everyone involved in this discipline.

Mondraker wanted to go one-step further with the launch of their first gravel bike, looking for the greatest versatility of use for the broadest variety of users that an electric gravel bike could possibly offer.  With the contribution of the motor and its ability to assist the rider allowed them to get the most out of their bike, pushing the limits further than ever.

Mondraker Dusty is the answer to everyone who wants to pedal further and faster, with that extra bit of ‘fun’ that a motor brings to the equation.

Mondraker Dusty
Key Features:

Much longer days in the saddle with the Mahle X20 system.  350Wh battery can give you up to  180km  (depending on assistance level) 

Natural pedalling feel from the X20 55Nm rear hub motor


Optional 171Wh range extender

mondraker dusty parts

All of the MTB design genes in a gravel bike.

Lightweight STEALTH AIR CARBON frame offers a distinctive and compliant ride from careful carbon fibre layup to offer perfect level of comfort and trail buzz damping

Longer reach, slack head angle, compact rear triangle and perfect seat stay design = maximum comfort, and a pedal for hours feeling.


The Mondraker Dusty Range;

Mondraker Dusty R
Mondraker Dusty R

Comes equipped with;

SRAM Rival 1×11 drivetrain

MDK-XG1 wheels

Maxxis Rambler EXO 40mm tires, and

ONOFF components.

Mondraker Dusty RR
Mondraker Dusty RR

Comes equipped with;

SRAM RIVAL ETAP 1×12 drivetrain

Mavic Allroad Disc wheels

40mm Maxxis Rambler EXO 40mm tires, and

ONOFF components.

Mondraker Dustry XR
Mondraker Dusty XR

Comes equipped with;

SRAM FORCE ETAP AXS 1×12 drivetrain

Mavic Allroad Pro Carbon SL carbon wheels

Maxxis Rambler EXO 45mm tires

RockShox Rudy Ultimate 40mm travel fork

RockShox Reverb XPLR AXS seatpost offering 75mm of drop.

The new Mondraker Dusty


When you ride every discipline, there will always be loves and hates. For us the new Mondraker Dusty e-Gravel gives us nothing but pure cycling love. Being lucky enough to ride the Mondraker Dusty at the launch in Spain, back in September, on the 'apt' dusty trails in Alicante. Straight away the first thing we noticed is its super fast, responsive and natural feeling. With the new Mahle X20 motor system there's a noticeable improvement over the old motor. It's instant engagement and smooth power delivery, making it feel like you're a gravel super hero, on normal bike. You don't notice there's a motor in it, even in the lowest mode with minimal assistance, allowing masses of range and you'll still get a workout.

The all new Mondraker Dusty
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