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Developed and tested on their doorstep in Stuttgart, Germany, Focus just love their bikes – and build them their way.  Their mission is simple “inspiring all people to ride together’

Whether you’re heading off on the world’s longest bike race, into snowstorms up in the mountains or into unknown territory on a tour of discovery – the world is waiting and adventure is calling. What counts is the experience. 

Focus have designed multiple technologies optimised for riding dynamics,  

  • F.O.L.D, divides suspension travel into two phases, absorbing the smallest of bumps and dips, producing extra traction.  Secondly the curve is progressive in order to offer sufficient control even with stronger impacts, as well as preventing rim damage. 
  • CIA technology from years of frame analyses optimising key comfort points.
  • The Flip Chip on their new Jam2 SL ebikes means you are not restricted in terms of geometry, increase or reduce the chain stay length from 447mm to 440mm, keep the party on the back if that’s how you like it
  • Adjustable headset.  Change for a slacker,  more agile ride, or flip and get a more downhill orientated feel. 
Learn about their new and exciting super light ebike, launched for the 2023 season
Jam2 SL ebike
Focus Jam2 SL 5
Focus Jam2 SL 3
electric mountain bike
Focus UK Dealer
Focus Bikes
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2021 Bikes coming soon

We are still waiting to add certain 2021 bikes to our web-site. If there are any bikes you are interested in specifically that we are not showing please fill out details below and we'll get back to you