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Yeti Cycles


Before mountain biking was even considered an industry, Yeti were at the heart of producing no frills bikes with cutting edge race specific designs. Since 1985 Yeti have developed one of the most widely recognised brands in mountain bike history.  

Racers became the backbone of Yeti, the knowledge gained from R&D testing on the track led to invaluable knowledge inmaterials, frame geometry and suspension designs.

  • Switch infinity utilises a patented translating pivot that switches directions as the bike moves through its travel (anti squat), providing superior pedalling performance. Further into the travel, the anti squat drops off to allow the Fox racing shock to perform as intended, providing excellent mid stroke and bottomless feel.
  • Sixfinity borne to accommodate the additional mass, power and pedal efficiency of an ebike.  

Not forgetting the Turq series bikes, made from the highest quality carbon fibre, a perfect balance of stiffness and compliance.

Perfection is key, time is secondary, which is why they only entered the ebike market with their new Yeti E160, which in 2021

The philosophy of their brand resonates through each mtb or ebike bike model “we build bikes we like to ride”

Yeti Cycles
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2021 Bikes coming soon

We are still waiting to add certain 2021 bikes to our web-site. If there are any bikes you are interested in specifically that we are not showing please fill out details below and we'll get back to you